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Throughout the course of my life, I have competed at a number of different sports or events at the highest level that I was physically, or financially able.

I have played on championship teams.

I broke out and started a mare that finished 7th in the nation in her event, back to back years.

I cleaned the stall of a World Champion Cutting Horse.

Aside from that horse, I have never known anyone who has stood #1 in the nation at anything.

Until today.

With a score of 22,141, my wife,"The Little Wiffer" is leading the nation (quite possibly the world) for the week of March 22, 2010 in "Action Potato".

Imagine my pride!


To quote Bill Gross

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Below is a "Head and Shoulders" pattern nearing completion on the Weekly T-Bond chart.

I referenced this pattern and posted one of my charts a week or so ago titled,

"A Heads Up from R.E. MacMaster"

The chart below links to his site, unfortunately, he's stingy with the free stuff, and it ain't cheap.

Recommended anyway.



It's On!!!!!

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It's On!!!!! ..... continued

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Rest in peace my friend

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Obituaries suck.

They pretty much have to.

Who the hell has the time to give a rat's ass about some other guy's friend?

What newspaper has the column inches to give anyway? 

The man below, you couldn't do justice to in ten thousand words.

The final issue here has to do with the fact that he wouldn't want it anyway.

Gerhard preferred to "keep things quiet".

So, I'll say this much and then leave it alone.

One of the two or three most honorable men I've ever known.



Gerhard Stadler Sr.

November 10, 1927 - March 19, 2010


Gerhard Stadler, Sr., beloved husband of Isabella (nee Baumgartner). Loving father of Katharina (Werner) Linder, Gerhard Jr. and Dr. Frank (Dr. Marcia Lu). Cherished grandfather of Alexander Linder; Christian, Nicholaus and Isabella Stadler. Gerhard worked at the First National Bank of Chicago for 30 years where he became Vice President. As a world renowed expert of precious metals, he began the Precious Metals Department. He later continued his expertise as Vice President of LaSalle National Bank. For the past 15 years, he owned and operated Water Tower Precious Metals at Lakeside Bank.


Rest in peace my friend.


Social Security? I believe I have isolated the problem

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Ok, in the first chart below, we see the ratio of workers to beneficiaries go from 41.9 to 3.3.

Then, in the table further below, we see the tax rate move from 2% to 15.3%.

Hmmmmmmm .............



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