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To quote King Solomon

Submitted by Roanman on Sat, 07/04/2009 - 12:27


A merry heart does good, like medicine.  But a broken spirit dries the bones.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick. But when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.

Better to dwell in a corner of a housetop than in a house shared with a contentious woman.

Better to dwell in the wilderness than with a contentious and angry woman.

A continual dripping on a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike.

Do you see a man who excels in his work?  He will stand before kings;  He will not stand before unknown men.

Prepare your outside work. Make it fit for yourself in the field; And afterward build your house.

In all labor there is profit. But idle chatter leads only to poverty.

He who has a slack hand becomes poor. But the hand of the diligent makes rich.

The hand of the diligent will rule. But the lazy man will be put to forced labor.

The lazy man will not plow because of winter; He will beg during harvest and have nothing.

The desire of the lazy man kills him. For his hands refuse to labor.

Do not love sleep, lest you come to poverty; Open your eyes, and you will be satisfied with bread.

I went by the field of the lazy man, and by the vineyard of the man devoid of understanding; And there it was, all overgrown with thorns; Its surface was covered with nettles; Its stone wall was broken down. When I saw it, I considered it well; I looked on it and received instruction: A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest; So shall your poverty come like a prowler, and your need like an armed man.

The rich rules over the poor. And the borrower is servant to the lender.

The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty. But those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty.

Getting treasures by a lying tongue. Is the fleeting fantasy of those who seek death.

Wealth gained by dishonesty will be diminished. But he who gathers by labor will increase.

He who has a generous eye will be blessed. For he gives of his bread to the poor.

He who has pity on the poor lends to the LORD, and He will pay back what he has given.

He who walks with wise men will be wise.  But the companion of fools will be destroyed.

As a dog returns to his own vomit, So a fool repeats his folly.

Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.

Pride goes before destruction. And a haughty spirit before a fall.

Words of the wise spoken quietly should be heard. Rather than the shout of the ruler of fools.

A soft answer turns away wrath. But a harsh word stirs up anger.

It is honorable for a man to stop striving, since any fool can start a quarrel. The beginning of strife is like releasing water; Therefore stop contention before a quarrel starts.

The discretion of a man makes him slow to anger, and his glory is to overlook a transgression.

Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles.

He who has knowledge spares his words, and a man of understanding is of a calm spirit. Even a fool is counted wise when he holds his peace; When he shuts his lips, he is considered perceptive.

In the multitude of words sin is not lacking. But he who restrains his lips is wise.

A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself. But the simple pass on and are punished.

If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat; And if he is thirsty, give him water to drink; For so you will heap coals of fire on his head, and the LORD will reward you.

A righteous man regards the life of his animal.  But the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going.

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