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Bill Bonner goes off

Submitted by Roanman on Sat, 05/22/2010 - 13:30


I like Bill Bonner a lot.

I've read "The Daily Reckoning" for a long time and rarely skip his column.

But clearly, he has been spending way too much time with "The Mogambo Guru".

And that can't possibly be good for anybody's mental health.


“The West is doomed.

It is already second rate.

It just doesn't realize it yet.

The Chinese work harder.

They save more.

They are better organized...and probably smarter.

And there are more of them.

They are not burdened by two centuries of success ... neither by expensive social welfare programs, nor by a Goliath military-industrial complex, nor by thousands of lobbyists, lawyers, and educators.

The return on investment capital is higher.

You just have to pay off an official or two.

In America and Europe, you have to pay off the entire establishment ... the unions, the politicians (local, state and national), the hacks, the regulators, the pentagon, the meddlers, the do-gooders, the unemployed, the contractors, the public employees, the poor, the rich, the halt, the lame ...

... every leech in Christendom ....

It is just a matter of time before the Chinese take over.

Soon, they will be the richest, most advanced, most accomplished people on earth...its leading innovators, its greatest artists and architects ... its standout scientists ... and its top military power.”

 Bill Bonner

 Or, as Mogambo himself might say (WFD)