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Field of Dreams is right

Submitted by Roanman on Sat, 05/15/2010 - 16:31


The "Field of Dreams" farm can be yours for a paltry $5,400,000.

The entire 193 acre farm including the house, two concession stands and six out buildings is being offered by Don and Becky Lansing whose family has held the farm for over a century.



Now, I have been to the "Field of Dreams" farm.

Hit some fly balls out to the kids, played a little Pickle, dropped a hundred and a half at the concession stand on sweatshirts, midget bats, refrigerator magnets and ice cream bars.

And as far as I'm concerned, it is one of the most beautiful and tranquil places I have ever been.

If you like that kind of stuff.

And I do, I just love the smell of horse shit ..... seriously. 

I'd give my left testicle to have a place like this.


If only I could convince the little wiffer and the kids to give up life as they know it and move to the middle of Iowa.


So, just because this happens to be what I do,(when there's something to do) and mostly because I just flat out can't help myself .....

I get out my trusty hp12c and do the math.


OK, that's $5,400,000 divided by 193 ... 

$27,979.28 (rounded to the nearest penny) per acre.

Feels a little optimistic ... let's do some shopping.



465 acres, m/l, located west of Parnell. 212 acres CRP. 14 acres cropland with the balance in good pasture. Includes a farm house and cattle barns. This would make a good income producing livestock farm. $2,300/A


Mt. Vernon Office 319-895-8858


168 acres, m/l, located approximately 8 miles northeast of Newton on N 75th Ave E. Estimated 165 crop acres with CSR of 64.1. No buildings. $4,613/A


Nevada Office 515-382-1500


267 acres, m/l, located northwest of Letts. 123.4 cropland acres with a 68.4 CSR. 43.5 acres are in CRP with balance in mature timber. Includes a well maintained home with nice outbuildings. $3,200/A


Mt. Vernon Office 319-895-8858

Yup, a little high.
But wait a minute .....
They say they do about 60,000 people a year. 

"People will come Ray."
"It's money they have, it's peace they lack."
Let's see, 60,000 fish at $10 bucks per .....
$20 you say?
That would be $1,200,000 in gross sales.
Expenses around 50% ... 60%?
Probably about half cash?
You know ..... those pesky quarters are just so damn hard to keep track of.