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Where we hang out

Submitted by Roanman on Sun, 05/06/2012 - 10:51


We finally got around to placing links to the sites where we hang out.

Most days, someone from around here will hit every one of these sites with the exception of Zeal which we hit most every Saturday morning for their weekly essay.

In alphabetical order.



 The single best international news gathering outfit out there ... period.  Wildly anti-Israel.  Owned by the state of Qatar.



  Mostly a compiler and a blog much like us, only ..... you know ..... professional.  Primarily news for investor/trader types.


Another outstanding international news gathering outfit. Wildly pro-Israel.  We're guessing owned by MOSSAD.




One of our favorite sites.  We hit every link Jesse posts despite the fact that he resides well to our left.




 Primarily a personal blog and promotional site for Charles Hugh Smith's books, Of Two Minds consistently provides a well thought out and supported point of view not commonly available from mainstream outlets.  Besides, he's got a Les Paul Custom.



   Completely unique from beginning to end.  Nobody out there approaches their breadth of in depth content.


  Another primarily investment/trading site.  Mostly jargon free, clearly written financial news.




Alleged to be owned by the FBI/CIA ...take your pick ... and a tool of the Oligarchs.  We mostly believe it.  Anonymous hacks em and WikiLeaks publishes their emails.  Seems shrewd to be reading some of the same stuff the big guys are getting.




     Wolf Richter's fine site offers clearly written, mostly jargon free and well thought out research on economic, energy, social and occasionally completely random issues.  Among the sites somebody from around here hits most days.



     They claim that "If it's blacked-out, covered-up or censored, you can find it here".  That might maybe be a little strong, but still very good stuff.




     Just outstanding, simple technical analysis.  If you trade, go there!!!




A jargon filled zone.  Still, a cut above just about everybody else.  The comments are a must if you enjoy the occasional ..... ok ok, frequent ..... vulgar rant.



The Hungry Beast

Submitted by Roanman on Fri, 03/19/2010 - 07:49



The following piece was produced by the Hungry Beast television program.

It runs for just under five minutes, and is worth every second of life you spend watching it.

Hungry Beast is a weekly, topical news program airing on ABC1 in Australia.

In their own words,


"It covers everything from the silly, to the serious, to somewhere in between; always from a different perspective.

Hungry Beast also publishes regular new topical stories exclusively for the web."


Unfortunately, you can't (at least I couldn't) fire up segments from their site, but YouTube has a lot of their work.

Way most highly recommended.

As an aside, this segment is hosted by someone who calls himself Daniel Keogh, but who is in actuality, Bozo T. Clown's secret, illegitimate son Bonzo.



Proof positive you cannot trust "The Press" to get it/anything right.

Thanks to Evan for the above find.


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