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A Bible story and an Aristotle quote for your consideration.

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Democracy as practiced by Democrats

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Democrats reinstate ‘God-given’ and Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to party platform


CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Facing unhappy pro-Israel groups amid a Republican-led outcry, Democrats gathered Wednesday at their presidential nominating convention made 11th-hour changes to the party platform to reinstate a reference to God and a declaration that "undivided" Jerusalem is Israel's capital.

There was widespread booing on the floor of the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte as Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa led delegates in three voice votes that sounded, at best, equally divided on whether to restore language from the party's 2008 document. Observers said the boos were directed at Villaraigosa's decision to skip a formal ballot and declare the platform amended.

"Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel. The parties have agreed that Jerusalem is a matter for final status negotiations. It should remain an undivided city accessible to people of all faiths," the amended document read.



The good news here is that at least White House Press Secretary Jay Carney now knows their position.


Our position has not changed

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From Whiteout Press, as always click on the logo below for the entire piece.

Regardless of your position regarding Israel and Palestine, this 51 second clip of an exchange between members of the White House press corps and White House press secretary, Jay Carney who would have far better served his boss's interests simply by saying, "I apologize, I'm supposed to know this, but I don't."  Let me get back with you." is priceless.



Or perhaps his real issue is the one described below.


Reading on a Saturday Morning

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How does Israel, with fewer people than the state of New Jersey, no natural resources, and hostile nations all around, produce more tech companies listed on the Nasdaq than all of Europe, Japan, South Korea, India and China combined?

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The MIT Real Estate Center says that commercial property prices have dropped almost 42% over the past 2 years.

As a result of that drop, about  55% of the $1.4 trillion commercial mortgages that will mature in the next five years are underwater.

The delinquency rate for commercial mortgages climbed to 5% in October.

A year ago the delinquency rate was just 0.77%.

About half of all commercial mortgages sit on the balance sheets of smaller banks.

So the massive number of bank failures this year is significantly attributable to losses from commercial real estate.

Late last month, CIT Group, one of the largest commercial real estate finance companies in the world filed for bankruptcy.”

John Carney,, 11-16-09


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