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I'm back, and better than ever

Submitted by Roanman on Sun, 07/18/2010 - 10:07


I can't remember any vacation remotely like this one.

To say that The Thumb of Michigan is slow, is to exaggerate in the extreme.

The cottage I mooched sits dead between Port Austin and Caseville at the northern tip of The Thumb and as such allows for a spectacular view of both the sunrise and sunset over Lake Huron.

The sun moves in a near perfect U around the cottage from about 3 o'clock at sunrise, to behind you at noon, and then sets at about 9 o'clock, at about 9 o'clock.

I caught both every day, coming and going.

Took my nap about 11.

The days' highlights were pretty much limited to sunrise, blueberry pancakes, adventure golf, nap, a walk, dinner, sunset, bonfire.



The occasional trip on the rope swing.

There was only lousy internet service anywhere nearby.

I failed to open any one of the eight books I brought.

As for scorekeeping.

Spain wins the world cup in a very ugly final, earning me a tidy little profit.

Treasuries are booming and thus kicking the crap out of my short position.

The stock market and gold are, in the grand scheme of things, pretty much where I left them.

With regards to "The Bradley Model" and "the summer of doom", the Cardinal Cross begins to perfect itself late this week.

I'll update charts and address another record breaking run of calls and emails tomorrow.

I missed you too.

In the interest of full disclosure, these are very, very, very small records we're breaking here.


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