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A message from Just Thinking

Submitted by Roanman on Thu, 12/29/2011 - 08:38


While we've gone through this before, this seems a good time to revisit our past and offer an explanation by way of a short history of how Just Thinking came to be.

Just Thinking enjoys two distinct constituencies.  This thing began as a chain letter between a small group of friends that met and started out in life at the University of Michigan ..... or more accurately in bars near the University of Michigan.   This group has grown over many years with the addition of new friends, and the subsequent partners, secretaries, associates, customers, clients, competitors, vendors, attorneys, financial professionals, bankers up the wazoo, the occasional judge, at least one ex wife (It wasn't me) and the many others that have come into our lives, during the course of our lives.

Some years ago I was sitting in my office reading one Saturday morning (as usual) while simultaneously debating something via email with Terry D. when I said,  "We ought to get us a blog” Terry agreed enthusiastically saying, "Yeah.  You need to get right on that."

So I did.

We already had the logo as many years ago I had decided that it probably wasn't smart to be putting some of my thinking down on the company stationary.  So I spent a little money and had an associate of one of our vendors whip us up a logo.  That logo will never be changed as the young man who created it died tragically right after he delivered it.  There is reason to think it's the last creative work he ever completed.

I thought/think it's perfect.

The second group is made up of facebook types, of which I am one.  As one would expect, this group is far more diverse in every way than the originals.  In addition to Americans and Canadians of every size, shape and political affiliation, we now have close to seven hundred people who come around and visit our site in India and about that many throughout the nations of South America, along with a healthy scatterring from all over Europe and Asia.  As you would expect, interests, tastes and opinions are wildly diverse, which was kind of the point. 

We are probably going to open up the comments here so you no longer have to register to comment, which nobody does anyway as it seems much more fun to harangue me personally.  I'll post a notice when it happens.

While I continue to whine about it I do appreciate and read all the emailed commentary and ideas.  I am pleased to say that I have yet to fail to read a single message although I'm starting to bump up against thresholds.


Have a Safe and Happy New Year.


And please remember the immortal words of Sargeant Phillip Esterhaus.



That's still good advice.


No Post for you ..... again

Submitted by Roanman on Fri, 05/28/2010 - 06:42


I'll be gone for the weekend and will probably not be posting before Tuesday.

In celebration of the beginning of summer, I posted a very nice Wailers vid.

I also rearranged the categories some.

If you're trapped inside and in the mood for some tunes, all the music is now kept within the "Nothing To Do With Anything" category.


Have a good weekend.

And remember .....



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