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The End of Free Light Bulbs in Detroit

Submitted by Roanman on Tue, 02/01/2011 - 17:57


Over at the Facebook site, Georgia D. has a complaint, the new light bulbs cost more and don't work as well.

Which caused me to think of Lawrence Cantor, the single most reviled man in the long history of the city of Detroit.

More hated by Detroiters of a certain age than even Kwame' Kilpatrick .............. seriously.

As always click the bulb for the whole story, well told by "Detroit History Examiner" Patrick Bernhardt at Detroit


The end of free lightbulbs in Detroit



Each year millions of lightbulbs are purchased in this nation, maybe even in this city alone. At one time, despite the massive amount of bulbs needed, only a small percentage of them were bought in the store; instead, residents took advantage of Detroit Edison's ongoing program: free light bulbs.

This program, which had run for so long, was finally ended by one man: Lawrence Cantor.  This man was a Detroit drug store owner who brought suit because Edison's program denied him the ability to sell lightbulbs in his store.


What a maroon!!!!!


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