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Reading on a Saturday Morning

Submitted by Roanman on Sat, 02/13/2010 - 09:53


Those of you who know me well, know that unless I have properly medicated myself, I don't sleep worth a damn.

You also know that I truly enjoy my medication (child of the 60's with all that implies).

Better sleep through chemistry being one of my several dozen favored mottos.

The consensus diagnosis has up until just recently always been "guilty conscience".

But a new diagnosis is emerging.

 "It's the crap you read!!!!!"

Examples follow:


It’s likely the Fed will respond with a new round of injections, sending the dollar into a death spiral, much like the present situation in Venezuela. It will be another disaster for those who aren’t ready, and more huge profits for those who are … I’m staying focused on what I believe are the two carved-in-granite long term investment trends: more war, and more debasement of the US dollar.” - Richard Maybury, Early Warning Report, 02-10 


“…the United States no longer has Israeli national security as an overriding consideration…

In the unlikely event that Iran actually does develop a weapon and does strike, Israel is the likely target…a nuclear strike would have a particularly devastating effect on Israel. Unlike the United States, Israel is small country with a highly concentrated population. A strike with just one or two weapons could destroy Israel. …

Carrying out a multiday or even multiweek air campaign with Israel's available force is too likely to be insufficient and too likely to fail. Israel's most effective option for taking out Iran's nuclear activities is itself nuclear. Israel could strike Iran from submarines if it genuinely intended to stop Iran's program.” – George Friedman, STRATFOR, 02-04-10 


“For every dollar in debt that Americans have paid off since they started cleansing their balance sheets in mid-2008, the U.S. government has borrowed more than $7.” – MarketWatch, 02-08-10