The Fallen of World War II

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From Neil Halloran, via Chart Porn which seems to be on hiatus, if not defunct since the presidential election of 2016.

At 17 minutes, this might be a mite long for some of you.

You know who you are.

But I find it to be among the more powerful presentations that I have ever sat for.

Reposted at the suggestion of Donna.

The Fallen of World War II from Neil Halloran on Vimeo.

Reading On A Saturday Morning.

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Apologies, not much is new this morning, with the exception of the Canada thing, we have pretty much the same ol' ...

HPD WARRANT: What was found in southeast Houston home after deadly drug raid.

  Evidently that which was actually found was significantly different from that which was advertized to the judge asked to excecute the "No Knock" search warrant that led to the shooting deaths of Rhogena Nicholas and Dennis Tuttle in a shootout in their home with the Houston Police Department this week.

Also ...

Houston police officer connected to deadly raid shootout relieved of duty


Then, and much to my suprise ...

Who Owns All The Land In Canada?

Evidently, it's the Queen of England. Who'da thunk it?


Then we get Elon Musk.

Elon Musk’s highflying 2018: What 150,000 miles in a private jet reveal about his ‘excruciating’ year

In addition to a real fun graphic that is absolutely worth the price of admission depicting all of Musk's travels for the year, we get the following. "In September, a few days after calling fossil fuels “the dumbest experiment in human history,” his plane burned thousands of pounds of jet fuel flying 300 miles from L.A. to Oakland so Musk could view a competitive video-gaming event. (Tesla said Musk went to the video-gaming event with this kids but also met with a Tesla board member and went to work at two Tesla offices in Fremont before flying home.)"


And since we're already on the subject, here's some old news.

Glamorous billionaire who funded study telling people they must only eat a quarter of a rasher of bacon a day to save the planet is slammed as hypocrite for jetting around the world in her £20m private PLANE


I think that's about all the senseless violence and hypocracy I have time for this morning.

Be careful, it's a dangerous world out there.


The Makgona Tsohle Band

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It's Friday Night.

Time to rock.

Formed in 1963 in Johannesburg, South Africa by the Gallo Record Company to cut supporting tracks for their Mbqanga vocal artists, The Makgona Tshole Band, "The Band That Can Play Everything" ranks among the greatest session bands in the history of recorded music.

Name your favorite studio outfit: The Funk Brothers, Swampers, Wrecking Crew, Booker T and the MGs ... you just go right ahead and choose ... The Makgona Tshole Band's work stands up to all of them.

From left to right this is, I don't know but I'm working on it, on the accordian, Vivian Ngubane along with the great Marks Mankwane stepping dangerously with untied shoelaces, on their guitars, Lucky Monama on the drums, Joseph Makwela on bass guitar, and West Nkosi on his saxaphone.

Stockvel Jive.

The Lascaux Cave Drawings

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We've been saving this one for months.

Seventy seven years ago today, four teenage boys Marcel Ravidat, Jacques Marsal, Georges Agnel, and Simon Coencas followed their dog, Robot (seriously ... Robot ... if you can believe Wikipedia) into a narrow cave near Montignac, France and discovered the Lascaux Cave Drawings.

Click on the photo below for just the coolest video/interactive tour of the cave and it's thought to be 17,000 year old drawings.

You can noodle around this fine site in French, English, German, Spanish, or all of the above.

Way super, double highly recommended.



On This Day In History The First Ever Drunk Driving Arrest.

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On September 10, 1897, a 25-year-old London taxi driver named George Smith becomes the first person ever arrested for drunk driving after slamming his cab into a building. Smith later pled guilty and was fined 25 shillings.

As an aside, Smith's maternal great, great grandfather John Smith suffered the first ever known arrest for soliciting the services of a prostitute.

Think it through.

I Was A Communist For The FBI

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On this day in history, 1949 ... ok, ok, yesterday actually, The FBI decided that Frederic March, John Garfield, Paul Muni, Paul Robson and Edward G. Robinson ... among others, were all members of the American Communist Party. 

To quote Edward G. Robinson on the matter.

The FBI report relied largely on accusations made by “confidential informants".

Both Walt Disney and Ronald Reagan testified before the infamous House Un-American Activities Committee and identified colleagues within the entertainment industry as "communists'.

Congress would later cite 10 Hollywood writers and directors for contempt for refusing to divulge their political sympathies or name others who might be communists. The “Hollywood Ten,” as they came to be known, were later convicted and sent to prison for varying terms. 

Eventually, more than 300 artists were blacklisted by the studios including Charlie Chaplain, who had openly supported the Soviet Union during WWII.

Chaplain chose to return to England to work and subsequently had his re-entry permit revoked by US Attonrney General, James McGranary.

He never returned to this country.

Dalton Trumbo, proud member of the Hollywood Ten, admitted member of the Communist Party and passionate anti-war activist was later quoted as follows,

In an effort to give you a feel for the tone of the times, click the image below for one of my all time favorite movies,

I Was A Communist For The FBI.

Starring the extraordinarily hardboiled Frank Lovejoy as Pittsburgh steel worker, Matt Cvetic in this billed as true story.

Or click on the image below for the subsequant radio program with the same title starring Dana Andrews that ran during the early 50's at the height of McCarthyism, and the second "Red Scare".

The more things change ...


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